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Human Rights and Advocacy

A key intervention area for AVORD is to promote the basic human rights for all. Under this thematic area, AVORD puts emphasis in the prevention of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), two awful practices that is quite prevalent in Somalia. AVORD constantly designs and implements various programs to tackle these two human right violations through awareness raising sessions and documentation at community level and introducing new policies at government level.

Our Vision

AVORD envisions to see a world where poverty is overcome and conflict is transformed in a constructive manner.

Our Mission

“The mission of AVORD is to uplift the poor people’s quality of life by enhancing their entrepreneurial capacity and household income, responding promptly to natural and manmade disasters and covering the urgent needs of effected communities for shelter, food, hygiene, health services and safe drinking water”