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Poverty eradication and Sustainable Development

As our mission statement states, poverty eradication and sustainable development is a key thematic area for AVORD. In this sector, we focus on the following areas:


We strive to boost the agricultural production of local subsistence farmers to enhance their income levels and improve overall food security among the communities we serve. To achieve this, AVORD enables farmers to have access to reliable methods of irrigation using mechanized water pump machines and/or the solar technology. We also equip poor farmers with much needed farm inputs such as seeds, land ploughing and cultivation tools. AVORD frequently organizes capacity building workshops on best agronomical skills for local farmers and works at different levels to improve access to local and international markets.


Livestock contributes about 40% of Somalia’s GDP and more than 50% of export earnings. We believe that investment in the livestock sector is key to economic growth and poverty eradication in Somalia. In this sector, we do livestock re-stocking following droughts to help local pastoralist families recover and maintain adequate stock. We also train pastoralist families on new kills to better utilize their livestock.


We building and rehabilitate basic communal infrastructures to improve communities’ access to markets, schools and other crucial public institutions. We do this through a labour intensive approach, thereby creating jobs for poor locals

Youth Empowerment:  We focus on the creation of alternative income sources for at-risk and idle youth who could otherwise engage in destructive behavior. We frequently conduct labour market surveys, studying local markets and training youth on high-demand vocational skills. We also implement micro-finance programs to help youth start small businesses 

Our Vision

AVORD envisions to see a world where poverty is overcome and conflict is transformed in a constructive manner.

Our Mission

“The mission of AVORD is to uplift the poor people’s quality of life by enhancing their entrepreneurial capacity and household income, responding promptly to natural and manmade disasters and covering the urgent needs of effected communities for shelter, food, hygiene, health services and safe drinking water”